Court Rules Walmart Must Remain a Defendant

A federal judge has denied Walmart’s request to be removed from a lawsuit filed by Inland Southern California distribution workers.

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$4.7 million for Warehouse Workers

Walmart contractor Schneider Logistics agrees to a large settlement over wage theft allegations.

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We did it!

Congratulations to all of the honorees at the celebration of the Warehouse Worker Resource Center.

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The Nation Goes Undercover

Ever wonder what it's like to work in a warehouse? Gabriel Thompson pens a firsthand account.

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Make a donation to the Si Se Puede! Fund to provide assistance to workers who face retaliation for speaking up for better working conditions.

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Why Walmart?

Walmart has an outsized influence on Southern California and on most communities in the U.S. Walmart is the world’s largest private company and its practices indirectly and directly affect the lives of millions of people. It pioneers practices of squeezing workers and contractors that degrade the quality of jobs and because of its size these poor standards become the industry standard.

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Warehouse Workers in the U.S.

The story in Southern California is not unique. Learn more about similar efforts to improve jobs for warehouse workers in Illinois with Warehouse Workers for Justice and in New Jersey with New Labor.

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Walmart Adversely Affects Workers Globally

The long arm of Walmart extends to many countries throughout the world primarily impacting developing countries and countries where labor is cheap and working conditions are easily exploited. Stories from the Walmart global supply chain illustrate the company’s profound effect on lowering wages and depressing working conditions internationally.

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