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  1. […] things Walmart and its contractors are trying very hard to keep hidden. Warehouse workers are on a six-day, 50-mile journey from the warehouses to Los Angeles to draw attention to their working […]

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  3. […] Warehouse workers and their supporters launched a 50-mile / six-day pilgrimage in the US on Wednesday to demand Walmart take responsibility for its Inland Empire Warehouses. The six-day march from Southern California’s Inland Empire to Downtown Los Angeles follows months of tension and several appeals to Walmart and its contractors to treat workers fairly. Workers at the Mira Loma warehouse in California went on strike on the same day as the march began. They are calling for an end to what they describe as retaliation and unfair labour practices committed by their employers, NFI and Warestaff, a staffing agency. Guadalupe Palma, a campaign director for Warehouse Workers United, an organisation that advocates for warehouse workers said: “These workers have exhausted all options. They are walking out of the shadows in Riverside, gaining support and demanding that Walmart stop ignoring deplorable working conditions that affect its contracted workforce.” “The ITF applauds these courageous workers, who despite not having a recognised union are standing up against poverty wages, no benefits and dangerous working conditions, ” said Ingo Marowksy, ITF organising globally coordinator. He continued: “As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart has the power to uphold their 'Standards for suppliers' in the logistics and distribution industry. This would have a huge impact on the lives of 85,000 warehouse workers in Southern California. It’s about time we make these multinationals accountable and start acting like socially responsible corporations. Like transport workers, warehouse workers play an integral role in the global economy. We know their struggle is global and support should be global also.”   ITF affiliates are being asked to support the workers in Walmart subcontracted warehouses by sending e-protests to Walmart CEO Mike Duke and donating to the Warehouse Workers Relief Fund. […]

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